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At MMCS, we embrace the diversity of young minds, and we constantly strive to ensure that our students find the group that best fits their passion. We have various clubs on campus which are open to all students, and we also promote participation of students in all club activities.

Eco club

The Eco club comprises of students who enjoy actively participating in activities relating to the conservation of our environment. Students in the club conduct environment related campaigns and events to promote the importance of saving our environment. The school, with the help of the eco club, try our best to consider the school a no-plastic zone.

Cookery club

Students who like to get together to discuss and try out various cuisines, find their spots in the cookery club. The students coordinate with the faculty-in-charge and showcase their talents on various occasions in the school.

Science club

Students who are amused by scientific wonders like blue color of the sky, and formation of the rainbow or even the progress of artificial intelligence, find their like-minded mates in the Science club. The science club, in association with the school conducts exhibitions and events in and around the school.

Maths club

Young minds who like to add creativity to the mathematical theorems and concepts by presenting them in innovative manners, and who enjoy discussing the same comprise our Maths Club at MMCS.

Readers club

Our Readers Club consists of avid readers who like to spend their free time engrossed in a marvellous book from the school library. The members of this club also enjoy additional privileges in the school library.

Literary club

For the young and creative minds of our school who like to discuss the great works by Robert Frost or Shakespeare, or even better, come up with their own literary piece, will find many companions in our Literary club. This club hosts many literary events and also takes part in various interschool competitions throughout the academic year.

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