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Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education programme of Maria Montessori Central School consists of educational as well as leisure trips, both within and outside Kerala. These trips are organized so that students get to interact and learn more about the outdoors and gain a wider perspective about their surroundings. The school provides all the students with a Study Tour as a part of the academic curriculum every year. These tours are conducted by the school management and include visits to the museums, science parks, cultural centres, factories, places of tourist and historical importance and science parks.

Apart from this, the school also provides leisure tours for students. Picnics and tours to various recreational sites like beaches, parks etc are conducted so that the children interact with nature and learn more about the natural habitat. Through these Leisure trips the students get a first hand experience to learn and be a part of the local community and the wider world. Apart from the tours, the School also holds programs during festivals especially during Christmas and Onam. During Onam, the school organizes a floral carpet event that allow children to bring out their creativity by designing and laying out the traditional floral carpets.

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