If you have never failed,  you have never been tested and you haven't  seen your best yet.  A set back is only an opportunity  for you to come back stronger. 


Covid - 19 has irrevocably altered the world.  The new ways are yet to be discovered.  This is a very challenging  opportunity to unlearn,  relearn and to test our capabilities  and value systems


The pandemic has pushed us into maintaining social distancing,  but the challenge is to remain hyper connected  via internet.  Online  learning for novel knowledge acquisition  and re-skilling is done through this medium. Resilience,  hope and compassion  are the need of the hour.


Let us out-shine the litmus test of time with our physical strength,  mental-stability,  divine faith,  humane virtues and undeterred hope. Stay home stay safe and happy.


Anitha Jyothiraj

Principal, MMCS


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